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Hey everyone

Last Monday morning, Phil told me he no longer wanted to be a part
of Saraphine. Rather than finding a replacement, I decided it was in
the best interest of Saraphine to disband. All the members of the
band wish to thank YOU for the 4 years of support. We grew up as
musicians and as a band TOGETHER, and it was an extremely fun ride.
I would personally like the thank Phil for all the hard work he put
into the band that we created together. For me to show up at his
house with an acoustic guitar in July of 2000 and have it turn in to
this is amazing to me, and I am a better person for it. In addition
thanks to the entire Kosch family for all the support throughout the

But who wants to look to the past anyway? For those who are
intrested, two projects are set to thrive in the wake of Saraphine's

1. Empyrean --- www.empyreanweb.com
Phil has left Saraphine to join Empyrean and play guitar, which I
would assume makes Mike from Empyrean into a rock and roll front
man. Either or, if you are a fan of Saraphine or have talked to any
of us, you know Empyrean is one of our favortie bands and some of
our most trusted compadres in rock. Please support Phil in all his
future endevours w/ Empyrean. You can bitch at him a little bit tho!
Remind him how important Saraphine was to you ;) ha ha

2. New Project Brewing???
Myself, Chad, Mikey and Webb have have a lot of discussions
pertaining to where to take this thing. The one thing we agreed on
was that keeping the name Saraphine was outta the question since
Phil was such a big part to our success. I personally have been
writing songs with the guys as well as a gentleman named Mike Patti,
who was our vocal engineer and protools engineer for "Random Life".
If anyone knows me and my singing style, its him. We are all going
back to Chads to write and record, and sometime in the next month or
so, I will get back to you with more definates pertaining to lineups
and if/when we'll be playing shows again.

The Saraphine site is down, but the community is still thriving!
Keep up to date on Saraphine members by going to Saraphineonline.com
and clicking on the message board. If you guys want any videos, cds,
music, anything from me, EMAIL me.. ssweene1@hotmail.com

Thanks for the 4 years. As soon as I know more details about the new
project I will tell ya about it here on Saraphine Update. If you
want future updates on Empyrean, please go to empyreanweb.com and
sign up on their mailing list!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
ssweene1@hotmail.com -- I would love to hear from you all.

On behalf of Michael Kosch, Philip Kosch, Matthew Webb, Chad Grigic,
Matthew Wydra and Britanny Cotto I would like to thank you for the
last time! :)

With warmest regards
Scott Sweeney - Vocals
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