K e n d a l l (_mesmorize_) wrote in saraphreaks,
K e n d a l l


Name: Kendall
Age: 17
Location: Naperville-ish.. but not really
Email: concretexanqei@aol.com

How did you hear about Saraphine? Through my friend Monica
Approximately how often do you see Saraphine live? I`ve seen them a couple time before. The last time was at the Fat Bean about a week or 2 ago.
If Saraphine ruled the world, what would be different? Everyone would party more and rock harder.
What other bands do you like? Breaking Benjamin, Triptii, Lucky Boys, D&E, Until Sundown, Witroy, HIM, Trapt, Emery, and a couple others..

Picture:  i`m the girl, of course.. ..

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