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really dont remember if ive posted this or not, i looked back a few pages and didnt see anything from me, but if i already did, you have my apologies :)

Name: katie ((im 'Ketch' on message boards))
Age: almost 20..
Location: boring old dayton ohio
Email: CKaterz03@aol.com
AIM: NvrLearn2Fly

How did you hear about Saraphine? scott is a message board whore haha he always posted on lbc's forum, then i finally saw saraphine open for them at the canopy club in february.
Approximately how often do you see Saraphine live? i think 3.. not enough thats for sure!
If Saraphine ruled the world, what would be different? the white house would hold the biggest house parties ive ever seen
What other bands do you like? nonchicago bands - july for kings, greenwheel, brand new, taking back sunday, finch, the used, before i go, soco.. chicago bands - lbc, alkaline trio, fall out boy, the dog, allister, 15 minutes late, kill hannah, split habit, swizzle, the t's, etc etc.

Picture: im on the left in the blue shirt, the girl with me is my friend erica.
warped tour weekend

feel free to add me, i love makin new friends and concert buddies :) im sure ill see a lot of you at upcoming saraphine shows!
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