Rachel Allshiny (allshinyweather) wrote in saraphreaks,
Rachel Allshiny

Rock the Boat

If you're bored and love Saraphine (and/or me), please do the following:

a) Go to http://www.icehouse.com/
b) Pretend to be 21 (change your year of birth if necessary)
c) Click the "Rock the Boat" poster on the lefthand side of the screen.
d) Click VOTE NOW
e) Search for Saraphine and click to view their profile
f) Vote for Saraphine! (be 21 again)
g) You can vote for them up to 3 times a day (per email address), and they make it easy...just keep clicking.

That's a lot of steps, but not really all that hard and it means a lot to the band (and me). So yeah, just if you feel like it. =) Even if you just do it one day, it'll help!

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