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Finally joined. Proud, aren't you?

Name: Amanda
Age: 15
Location: Naper-thrill.
Email: (yes, like the powerpuff girls.)
AIM: xxbitexmyxtongue

How did you hear about Saraphine? From the grape vine. Actualy, I don't remember. All I know.. is that i got addicted.
Approximately how often do you see Saraphine live? Hardly ever because my parents are PSYCHO! Yes, lets not let our daughter enjoy her teenage years, and deprive her of all good concerts, thankyou.
If Saraphine ruled the world, what would be different? How about everything. I imagine people.. dancing in the streets.. rocking out to every good band around. Yeah.
What other bands do you like? this could take a while, I warn you. HIM, kill hannah, escape from earth, taking back sunday, wakefield, steel train, incubus,  coheed and cambria,  matchbook romance, story of the year,  the used, the embers, best days behind, thrice, thursday, three days grace, the deuce project,  mxpx... okay I think you get the picture. the rest are on my info page.

I only have old pictures, and I look so different. And that would be a waste to post them. But I'll have new ones in a week or so.


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